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FunnelWeb Filter: Revolutionizing Air Filtration with Pyramid Profiled Foam Technology

FunnelWeb Filter: Revolutionizing Air Filtration with Pyramid Profiled Foam Technology

In the world of Motocross and Dirt Bikes, maintaining optimal engine performance is crucial. One key component in achieving this is the air filter, specifically, its ability to trap dust and other contaminants. There's an innovative product that has garnered attention in this area, the FunnelWeb Air Filter. This filter utilizes a unique pyramid profiled foam design that enhances dirt holding capacity while maintaining consistent optimum air flow - FunnelWeb Filter offers a great new design.

What Sets the FunnelWeb Filter Apart?

The standout feature of the FunnelWeb Filter is its pyramid profiled foam. This design drastically improves the filter's dirt holding capacity. In contrast to conventional filters, the pyramid profile increases the filter's surface area, in some cases, almost doubling it. This ensures the filter can trap more dust, sand, and mud over a larger area on its outer surface, maintaining optimal air flow for maximized engine performance.

The Power of Open Cell Polyurethane Foam

The FunnelWeb Filter is constructed using open cell, reticulated polyurethane foam. This material is excellent for filtering unwanted particulate matter from the air due to its unique geometric shape, which can be controlled during the manufacturing process to meet specific applications (UAF). This type of foam is soft, breathable, flexible, and easily conforms to sealing applications, making it optimal for use in air filters (CGC).

Furthermore, the open cell structure of reticulated foam makes it lightweight and low-odor. It doesn't off-gas or leave strong odors, making it a great choice for a wide range of applications, including air filters. The foam's open cell structure also ensures a lot of air can pass through, enhancing the filter's performance (AMCON Foam).


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FunnelWeb Air Filters for Suzuki

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The Role of Foam Air Filter Oil

The FunnelWeb Filter, like all foam air filters, works in conjunction with foam air filter oil. This oil is crucial as it's the agent that captures and prevents contaminants from entering the intake system. The oil is designed to penetrate the foam cells and evaporate, leaving a sticky residue that can trap foreign dirt particles. It's important to liberally apply this oil to the filter as it's the oil that prevents dirt and debris from passing through the filter. 

Here is a list of great brand of oil that can be used with FunnelWeb Proline Air Filter

No Toil Biodegradable Filter Oil

Maxima Fab1 Pro Filter Care Kit

Motorex Air Filter Oil 

Motul Air Filter Oil 

 The performance advantage of the FunnelWeb Filter is its unique pyramid profiled foam design. This innovative structure significantly enhances the filter's ability to retain dirt, setting it apart from traditional filters. The pyramid profile increases the surface area of the filter, in some situations nearly doubling it. This expanded surface allows the filter to capture more dust, sand, and mud, ensuring better air flow over a larger area, which ultimately results in optimal engine performance.



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