FMF Factory Fatty (Works) Top 7 Reasons Why This should Be Your Choice

FMF Factory Fatty (Works) Top 7 Reasons Why This should Be Your Choice

The FMF Factory Fatty is a throwback to yesterday when every Factory Race Motocross bike had a handmade Works pipe. The Factory Works pipes are individual cones and are hand formed and welded. The pipes are not coated (bare metal) to allow the heat-affected weld areas to turn colors. The Factory Fatty pipes use a lighter gauge steel, 19-gauge for the head pipe section and 20-gauge steel for the rest of the pipe body.

This allows the FMF Factory Fatty to gain better low to mid power and higher over rev compared to the standard pipe using heavier gauge steel and standard production assembly. The powerband from the Factory Fatty gives it a much smoother power delivery and easier to manage.

 Yes, it is a little more work to keep the FMF Factory Fatty clean and looking like new, but it’s worth the little more elbow grease and WD 40. More power throughout the entire powerband and the “Works” look, then how can you go wrong - go with the FMF Factory Fatty.

Top 7 Reasons:

  1. Better power in low and mid ranges with Higher Over-Rev
  2. Smooth power band, predictable
  3. Lightweight 20 gauge steel body
  4. Tougher 19 gauge steel header
  5. Bare Metal Finish (Works Finish)
  6. Hand welded and pounded seams
  7. Made 100% in the USA

Available for 65cc, 85cc, 125cc and 250cc

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Note: Comes in a raw, unplated, oiled finish, must be oiled after washing - looks great in raw steel 

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