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Five Reasons the Fly Formula Helmet is Superior to your Standard Helmets

The Fly Formula Carbon and Formula CC helmet with (AIS) adaptive impact system utilizes a cutting-edge energy disbursement system cutting adds structural Integrity. Fly Formula helmet is offered in carbon fiber as well as a Tri weave composite material that is made up of a blend of Carbon Fiber, DuPont Kevlar and fiberglass producing an extremely strong and lightweight helmet.  All the fly formula helmets utilized Rowan energy cells. The Impact Energy Cells maximize absorption of low speed linear and rotational impacts, reducing forces transmitted to the brain. The Formula Helmets uses Conehead Dual density Expanded Polystyrene (EPS). The cold head system allows for a softer liner where the cones help manage a progressively absorb low and high-speed impacts and six critical zones. Fly Formula Helmet is ECE / DOT approved.

Fly Formula is Offer in Two Different Shell Types

Formula Carbon Helmet - 12K carbon fiber shell is extremely lightweight shell

Formula CC Helmet - Tri-Weave composite shell is comprised of carbon fiber, DuPont Kevlar and fiberglass

  1. Impact Energy Cells made of RHEON, the Impact Energy
  2. Cells maximize absorption of low speed linear and rotational impacts, reducing forces transmitted to the brain
  3. Conehead EPS Technology provides a softer liner whereby the cones help manage or absorb an impact force more efficiently. Six critical zones have been fine tuned for a progressive response to low speed and high-speed impacts
  4. Expanded volume EPS means strategic areas of the helmet have more impact absorbing EPS, more suspension between your head and the ground
  5. EPP (Expanded Polypropylene) chin bar, creates an additional element of impact mitigation, and is used in the chin bar for its superior damage resistance, and energy absorbing properties

 Additional Features:

  • Clavicle shell relief zone creates a soft zone filled with EPS and EPP to aid in reducing clavicle injuries (Collar Bone)
  • Custom molded rubber trim with integrated nose guard
  • Lightweight custom visor screws and stainless-steel D-rings
  • Comfort liner and quick release cheek pads are made of washable moisture wicking, anti-microbial material
  • True Functional Ventilation (TFV)-When in motion air is forced through multiple air intake vents, then passed through aligned vent channels in the EPS and exits out multiple rear exhaust vents
  • Soft fleece helmet bag included

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