100% Racecraft Goggles Hot New Colorways for Spring 2017 Check Out

100% Racecraft Goggles Hot New Colorways for Spring 2017 Check Out

 Spring 2017 100% MX goggles have released new colorways on there premier goggle the Racecraft. These new colorways are bald and come in clear and mirror/smoke lenses.

The new 100% Racecraft goggles have same features that the Racecraft goggles been famous for.  One of the big ideas I like about 100% goggles is that they use only one size replacement lense for all of the motocross adult goggle line (Racecraft, Accuri, and Strata).

The 100% Racecraft goggle lens is made from Lexan® and is anti-fog, scratch-resistant, this allows for an unimpaired vision. The Racecratf goggle is still made for a flexible but yet duriblae urethane.

On the outer portaion for the goggle, they have outriggers to help ensure a perfit fit arount you face.

The new Racecraft goggles have a bold oversized 45 millimeter silicone coated goggle strap this will help keep the goggles and place and secure on your helmet.

Available either in clear lens or mirrored/smoke lens, each kit also comes with 20 tear offs included in the package.

All Racecraft goggles that have a mirrored/tinted lenses also come with the extra clear lens. What eles comes in the box a removiable nose guard and microfiber bag. 

This is a goggle that many top racers in the world like Marvin Musqin, Cooper Web, and Jermy Martin to list only a few. Riders have chosen this goggle because of 100% commitment to constant enhancing the performance of their goggle with the racerin mind. 

Review of the main features on 100% Racecraft Goggle:

  • Adult 100% MX goggles use the same lens, tear-off size and lenses are interchangeable with all modles of goggles.
  • Racecraft goggle is made from durable, yet flexible urethane mix
  • Radcecraft goggle uses an anti-fog, scratch-resistant Lexan® lens great vision
  • The lense uses a 9 pin lens retention system which is the most in the industry to garenty a tight fit to the frame
  • Racecraft goggle uses a triple layer of foam to maintain a comfortable fit whil pulling moisture away from the face
  • The goggle an oversized 45mm silicone-coated this will holds your goggles in place
  • Racecraft goggle has patent pending technology to move air through the foam to aid in quick drying
  • Mirror/smoke lens modle add an extra clear lens and also include a 20 count standard tear-offs and a microfiber bag in the box
  • The modles with Clear lens models include 20 count standard tear-offs and a micrlfiber bag in the box
100% Racecraft goggle Calculus Ice - Mirror Lens100% racecraft goggle Kloog - Mirror Lens100% Racecraft COX - Mirror Lens100% Racrcraft goggle Kikass Mirror lens 100% Racecraft goggle CALCULUS ICE - CLEAR LENS100% Racecraft goggle kloog clear lens100% Racecraft goggle COX - CLEAR LENS100% racecraft goggle KIKASS - CLEAR LENS

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