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Youth Alpinestars A-5 S Chest Protector - Black/Red

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Youth Alpinestars A-5 S Chest Protector - Black/Red

The American Motorcycle Association (AMA) recently announced a new rule requiring all youth riders to wear chest protection while riding. This is in response to a growing number of injuries resulting from youth riders not wearing the necessary protective gear.

The Youth Alpinestars A-5 S Chest Protector is a lightweight and durable body armor designed to deliver superior protection and airflow for young off-road riders. Its innovative grid technology provides superior impact resistance, while its flexible plates ensure ergonomic comfort and performance. Certified to the highest safety standards, it offers optimal protection and flexibility.


  • Back protector is CE certified Level 1
  • Chest protector is CE certified Level 2
  • Shoulder protectors are CE certified Level 1


    • Alpinestars has created a revolutionary way to keep kids and young riders safe with its new line of body armor. The protector shells are designed to keep youth and smaller framed riders safe without compromising comfort or breathability. This is due to the shells being ergonomically optimized for the user in question. Additionally, the body armor comes equipped with Alpinestars' Youth Neck Support, designed to keep kids and young riders safe while in motion.
    • Plate design is a cutting-edge technology that integrates an innovative grid structure throughout the cellular structure. This grid structure is designed to absorb and disperse energy forces throughout the impacted area. This reduces the incidence of injury or damage to the surrounding structures of the impacted area. The design also ensures that the energy forces are efficiently dissipated and the structures around the impacted area remain undamaged.
    • Shells are highly perforated for maximum breathability and air ventilation
    • Shells are highly perforated for maximum breathability and air ventilation
    • All panel shells (back, front, elbows and shoulder) are constructed from an injected polymer performance blend for optimized flexibility and excellent weight saving properties.
    • Plates are ergonomically contoured to follow the natural curvature of the body and feature air channeling to improve airflow and prevent heat build-up.
    • Wide lateral protective structure for secure fitting of jacket.
    • Soft bio foam padded chassis for maximum comfort and personalized, close-to-the-body fit.
    • Side adjustable kidney belt allows for various fit sizes and ensures protection remains close the body at all times.
    • Back removable section to accommodate Alpinestars’ new Neck Support.
    • Adjustable shoulder straps for close, customizable fit.

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