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Wiseco Forged Aluminum Clutch Basket WPP3017 Yamaha YZ65 2018 - 2022

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Wiseco Forged Aluminum Clutch Basket WPP3017 Yamaha YZ65 2018 - 2022

The Wiseco Forged Aluminum Clutch Basket provides significant performance enhancements to Yamaha YZ65 Motocross Bikes. Wiseco Forged Aluminum Clutch Basket WPP3017 Yamaha YZ65 2018-2022 is precisely machined for optimal performance and longevity, then treated with Teflon Coating to reduce friction.

Features of the Wiseco Forged Aluminum Lightweight Clutch Basket:

  • Forged from lightweight, high strength, certified aerospace grade aluminum alloy with "feature aligned grain flow" resulting in higher strength, ductility and resistance to impact and fatigue
  • Weight reducing relief cuts on the outside diameter of the clutch basket reduce rotational mass, which lowers the centrifugal force acting on the clutch basket and increases overall acceleration
  • CNC machining ensures each clutch basket is dimensionally the same
  • Hard anodized for an ultra-tough abrasive resistant surface, which eliminates wear on the sides of the clutch basket tabs
  • Teflon coating creates a near frictionless surface
  • Supplied with high quality hex bolt fasteners complete with pre-applied thread locker for a secure grip during assembly
  • Large oiling holes in the clutch basket tabs increase lubrication, reduce weight and heat build up
  • Part number - WPP3017
  • Fitment YZ85 2002-2020 / YZ65 2018-2022

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