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Twin Air

Twin Air Dual-Stage Performance Air Filter 151119 - 2006- 2016 Kawasaki KX250F

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Twin Air Pre-Oiled Dual-Stage Performance Air Filter 151119 - 2006- 2016 Kawasaki KX250F

Twin Air Dual-Stage Air Filter's design, high-quality materials, and Delivers superior Performance to your 2006-2016 Kawasaki KX250F - 151119. Using Dual stage Foam the Twin Air Filter’s offer unbeatable protection from dirt being ingested you’re your engine. Twin Air Filters used on your KX250F has the unbeatable performance edge. Twin Air products are used by local top riders and many of the Loretta Lynns Nation Champions.  

Twin Air Dual Stage Air Filter for 2006-2016 Kawasaki KX250F:
  • Twin Air filters will increase airflow while maintaining the highest level of protection against dirt from entering your motor.
  • Larger coarse open-pore foam catches more significant amounts of dirt, grime, and sand, and fine foam will trap all the fine particles of dirt and dust.
  • Proprietary glue formulated to not break down through dozens of filter cleanings.
  • The filter sealing area used thick, flat foam, greaseless sealing ring to ensures superior a seal between the filter and airbox, keeping dirt out.
  • Endorsed Teams like Pro Circuit since 1992
  • Fitment KX250F 2006 - 2016

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