Twin Air Dual-Stage Motorcycle Dirt Bike Air Filters Honda

  • $15.95

Moto-House MX - Choice of Champions

Twin Air Dual-Stage Air Filter's design, high-quality materials, and Delivers Superior Performance to your Honda CR or CRF Motorcycle Using Dual stage Foam the Twin Air Filter’s offer unbeatable protection from dirt being ingested you’re your engine. Twin Air Filters used on your CR or CRF has the unbeatable performance edge. Twin Air products are used by top local riders and many of the Loretta Lynns Nation Champions.  

Twin Air Dual Stage Air Filter for Honda Dirt Bikes 

  • Twin Air dual-stage filters are the choice of top factory teams and riders worldwide
  • Dual-bonded foam design filters out even the smallest dirt particles while allowing more airflow than two separate layer filters (flow bench proven)
  • Flat foam sealing ring provides a secure seat against the airbox, even in the worst riding conditions
  • Twin Air filters are slightly smaller than stock, making them easier to change while increasing dead air space around the filter for better performance
  • Backfire filters include a laminated layer of backfire-retardant foam
CR, CRF, CRFX, CR80, CR85, CR125, CR250, CRF150R, CRF250R, CRF450R, CRF250X, CRF450X