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870-1020 Radial Front Tire 80/100R-21 - 870-1020

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Sedona MX-208RSR Tires a True Dual Compound and offers Steel Belting Radial Construction that provides center tread and side lug support that increased performance, stability, and durability.

The New Sedona Tires - MX-208SR intermediate tire – Intermediate terrain dual compound and steel-belted radial motorcycle tire are designed to adsorb the toughest terrain and still maintaining control and durability. Uses lightweight steel belting construction which offers a stiff sidewall construction, and this will allow you to run lower tire pressure. The dual-compound technology – Center knobbies are a harder compound that delivers anti-wear characteristics. The center tire lugs are taller (21 mm) and designed with pocket siped to allow the knobby the flexibility.  While the softer side knobbies offer superior side bite traction during cornering.

Sedona MX-208SR Tire:

  • The MX-208SR – Steel Belted Radial Construction - utilize the “Dead Blow Hammer” effect on sharp/hard square edge impacts. Increasing durability.
  • Hi-tech rubber formulations with different durometer compounds - Dual Compound Tire Technology increases durability center knobby tire design and allows the softer side knobbies to grip better during cornering.
  • Drive-Link Tread Pattern (Rear Tire) – 21 mm tall center knobbies transition to crosscut and linked side lugs which offers excellent cornering control.
  •  The elliptical tread pattern design allows for an increased overall tire footprint, increasing high-speed performance and offers side bite traction.
  • The MX-208SR tire is a true dual-compound tire design – using Hi-Tech rubber formulations with different durometer compounds.

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