Sale Mika Metals Hybrid Handlebars Oversize with 7/8 Bar Mounts

  • $69.90
  • Save $40

Mika Metals Hybrid Handlebars are truly different, they are only 7/8" Oversize bar! The Mika Metals hybrid bar is the first oversize handlebar that will work with the standard 7/8" clamps found stock on most motorcycles. The patent-pending design is the unique idea to shake up the handlebar industry in quite some time. They retain all the flex properties of the pro series handlebars and allow you to run oversize bars without the oversize clamps.  **BARS ONLY FIT 7/8 DIAMETER CLAMPS**

Mika Metals Hybrid Handlebars Features:

  • Only Fits in all 7/8" clamps and retains the strength of 1-1/8" bar.
  • Designed for maximum fatigue life.
  • Manufactured to exact dimension specifications.
  • Constructed from the highest quality aerospace 7075 aluminium for maximum strength.
  • Includes injection-moulded bar pad.

Patent pending

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