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Moose Racing

Moose Racing Front Countershaft Sprockets Steel Kawasaki KX100/KX85

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Moose Racing Countershaft Sprockets are manufactured from impact and wear-resistant chromoly steel, and this ensures durability. The inner splines are broached to maintain superior contact to the countershaft on your KX100, KX85. When you are looking for quality parts for your Kawasaki KX100, KX85. Moose Racing products are Made in the USA.  

Moose Racing Steel Front Sprocket (CounterShaft) - Kawasaki KX100, KX85:
  • Front CounterShaft sprockets the Inner splines are broached to provide maximum spline-to-countershaft contact - this helps distribute driveline forces over the largest possible area
  • Machined from impact and wear resistant chromoly steel
  • Moose Racing heat-treated the all countershaft sprocket.
  • Moose Racing a nickel coating for corrosion resistance and lubricity.
  • Available in 12 Tooth, 13 Tooth, 14 Tooth - See Fitment chart below

Chain lube should be used before each ride, to increase longevity 

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Year Make Model
1983 - 1984 Kawasaki KD80
1980 - 1987 Kawasaki KD80M
1980 - 1988 Kawasaki KDX80
1995 - 2016 Kawasaki KX100
1983 - 1988 Kawasaki KX60
1990 - 2003 Kawasaki KX60
2000 - 2016 Kawasaki KX65
1979 - 1982 Kawasaki KX80
1986 - 2000 Kawasaki KX80
1986 - 2000 Kawasaki KX80 Big Wheel
2001 - 2016 Kawasaki KX85
2003 Suzuki RM100
2003 Suzuki RM60
2003 - 2004 Suzuki RM65


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