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HOT CAMS RACING CAM STAGE 2 1319-2 Unicam Honda CRF250R 16-17

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Hot Cams CRF250R Stage 2 Performance Camshaft - 2016 - 2017

Hot Cams Believe that real world testing (on the Motocross Track) this will deliver better results compared to hours on the Dyno. A lot of the camshafts out there are developed on the Dyno only, not Hot Cams.

When developing a camshaft Hot Cams looks at the overall performance. Yes, they will increase horsepower, but they must increase toque, and throttle response. Hot Cams uses ITR technology to aid in developing their camshafts. This solves the problem.  Hot Cams uses ITR technology, the critical ramp area is designed to give your engine a cleaner intake charge and a more efficient combustion cycle, making your engine more responsive at all throttle openings and giving the rider better feel and control of the engine! Hot Cams is confident you will notice the difference!

Features of the Hot Cams Stage 2 Performance Camshaft:
    • High performance racing camshaft
    • No core required
    • Designed to use stock valve springs and rockers in most applications
    • Adjustable cam sprockets supplied with some models
    • Improved Throttle Response (ITR) technology
    • Will increase mid-range to Top End Power
    • Not legal for use in California on pollution-controlled vehicles, race use only in California - waiver available
    • Part Number - 1319-2
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       Specs, Stage 2 Camshaft

      • Exhaust Cam Lobe Center104°
      • Exhaust Cam Lobe Duration at 1mm170°
      • Exhaust Cam Lobe Lift400mm
      • Exhaust Cam Valve Lash280mm
      • Intake Cam Lobe Center106°
      • Intake Cam Lobe Lift400mm
      • Intake Cam Valve Lash120mm
      • Intake Lobe Duration at 1mm780°
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