Gibson Tyre MX 4.1 Motocross Rear Tire Intermediate - Hard

  • $84.95

Moto-House MX has recognized that Gibson Tyre handles the high demands of professional MX sport. The MX 4.1 Series tires let the rider know this is a tire developed for the demands of motocross and designed for racing and performance riding. Gibson Tyre developer MX 4.1 using the crosslink technology and with braces between the outer tire lugs offering superior performance and handling.

Gibson Motocross Tyre Tire Tech

 Gibson Tyre MX 4.1 Motocross Factory Rear Tire -  Motocross, Intermediate 

  • MX 4.1 Rear tire uses a BOW-TIE design that is optimized for varied terrain and conditions from soft to medium-hard terrain.
  • MX 4.1 Rear tires Crosslink Technology and additional braces between the outer lugs and a reinforced tire shoulder.
  • Slick arrangements and dimensioning tread bars. The MX 4.1 offers superior self-cleaning effect offer superior traction and great directional stability from medium to hard terrain
  • Available Sizes - 110/90-19, 100/90-19, 90/100-16, 90/100-14, 80/100-12 and 2.75-10

Note: NOT DOT approved.

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