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FMF Turbinecore 2 Silencer - 025227 - 2018-2023 KTM 85 SX

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The FMF Turbinecore 2 Silencer is a top-of-the-line exhaust system for off-road motorcycles. It utilizes the exclusive "Turbine Dampening System" to provide optimal performance and sound control. The straight-through design of the spark arrestor canister and the Performance Flow stainless steel end cap ensure strength, durability, and unrestricted power.

The Turbine Dampening System is what sets the FMF Turbinecore 2 Silencer apart from other exhaust systems on the market. This innovative technology reduces noise output while still allowing for maximum power and performance. It achieves this by utilizing a series of specially designed chambers and baffles that redirect and control the exhaust gases. As a result, you get a smoother power delivery and improved throttle response.

  • No horsepower loss
  • Repackable
  • U.S. Forestry approved
  • No loose parts to fall off
  • Stainless steel endcaps look like factory bikes
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