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FMF Turbinecore II 2-Stroke Spark Arrestor - 020338 - 2001-2023 Kawasaki KX112, KX100, and KX85

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FMF Turbinecore II 2-Stroke Spark Arrestor - 020338 - 2001-2023 Kawasaki KX112, KX100, and KX85

FMF Turbinecore 2-Q Spark Arrestor Silence is the top-notch product that has earned its U.S. Forest legal status. This best-selling silencer uses the exclusive "Turbine Dampening System" which makes it stand out from the rest.

If you are a fan of Kawasaki Dirt Bikes, then you must have heard about the Kawasaki KX112,KX100, and KX85. When combined with FMF Turbinecore 2 Arrestor Silence, it becomes a package that can't be beaten. This silencer is considered the number one spark arrestor in the world.

The FMF Turbinecore 2 has many benefits. Apart from being an efficient spark arrestor, it reduces sound levels and improves overall performance. The Turbine Dampening System allows for excellent exhaust flow, which in turn, reduces backpressure. Backpressure is a significant factor in the degradation of engine performance. By reducing this pressure, the engine can perform better.

Ultimately, the FMF Turbinecore 2 Arrestor Silence is an excellent investment for any Kawasaki bike owner. It is U.S Forest legal, reduces noise output, increases engine performance, and is long-lasting. No wonder it is considered the best-selling silencer with the Turbine Dampening System that can't be beaten.

  • 93 dB sound level
  • No horsepower loss
  • The straight through design of the long oval canister and internal technology provide optimum flow and unrestricted power.
  • U.S. Forestry approved
  • FMF makes it easy to perform maintenance on the Turbinecore 2-Q Spark Arrestor Silencer by using removable bolts to break it down.
  • The Turbinecore 2 uses a stainless steel end cap ensures strength and durability. 

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