EKS Brand Gox Scatter X Motocross Goggle Mirror Lens Adult

  • $49.95

EKS goggles are quickly becoming one of top brand in Motocross/Off-Road goggle market

EKS goggle. When it comes to fit EKS goggles are unmatched, and the build quality is becoming a standard in the industry. EKS goggles used an industry leading four layers of foam to seal around the face keeping dirt out and wicking sweat away from your face. EKS uses a special foam that’s a polyurethane blend allows for a superior fit around the face unmatched by the completion. EKS goggles are put to the test 24/7 by top riders in the world; they meet the demand needed from top pro riders for their protection and comfort.

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  • Wild Scatter X frame and strap graphics combined with bright mirrored lenses instantly grabs attention
  • Available in a variety of colors

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