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Twin Air

Twin Air Dual-Stage Air Filters - 150230 - 2021-2023 Honda CRF450R / CRF450RX

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Twin Air Dual-Stage Air Filters - 150230 - 2021-2023 Honda CRF450R / CRF450RX

The Twin Air Dual-Stage Air Filter produces exceptional performance when installed in your Honda CR or CRF Motorcycle. Featuring dual-stage foam and superior-quality construction, the filter ensures superior protection against any dirt entering the engine, giving it an edge in performance that is unmatched. Many local riders and champions of the Loretta Lynns Nation have relied on Twin Air products.


  • Twin Air dual-stage filters are the choice of top factory teams and riders worldwide
  • The Dual-bonded foam design of this filter has been proven on flow benches to effectively filter even miniscule dirt particles, while still providing increased airflow compared to a two-layered filter.
  • The flat foam sealing ring ensures a reliable connection between the filter and the airbox in even the most challenging riding environments.
  • Twin Air filters are slightly smaller than stock, making them easier to change while increasing dead air space around the filter for better performance
  • Backfire filters include a laminated layer of backfire-retardant foam

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