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Motion Pro

Motion Pro Slacksetter Chain Slack Setting Tool

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Motion Pro Slacksetter Chain Adjustment Tool

Motion Pro tools always help you do the job right. Motion Pro Slacksetter we help you get your chain slack correct on your Dirt Bike will extend chain life and suspension performance.

    • ·         Accurately and quickly measures chain slack (not used to measure chain to swingarm clearance specification)

      ·         Setting chain slack properly dramatically improves chain life

      ·         Lightweight compact design fits easily in your toolbox or road kit

      ·         Works on most street and dirt bike applications up to 2" (52mm) chain slack

      ·         Made from engineered nylon with aluminum measuring scale

      ·         Anodized, laser-etched precision measuring scale

      ·         Refer to your owner's manual for proper chain slack and procedure

      ·         Patent pending

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