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FMF TurbineCore 2.1 Silencer - 024061 - 2002-2021 Yamaha YZ125, YZ125X

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FMF TurbineCore 2.1 Silencer - 024061 - 2002-2021 Yamaha YZ125, 2020-2021 YZ125X

The FMF TurbineCore 2.1 is globally renowned as the most popular spark arrestor, eqipped with the exclusive "Turbine Dampening System". This superior product has proven its worth with a U.S. Forest Service-approved design. The advanced straight-through structure of the spark arrestor canister and the performance-enhancing stainless steel end cap ensure both robustness and reliable, track-tested poweer delivery. The TurbineCore 2.1 is the spark arrestor of choice worldwide!

• Race-proven to deliver a consistent, smooth power output across the entire RPM range.
• The FMF TurbineCore 2.1 Silencer offers unrestricted performance, unlike other brands that use inserts that can become clogged with oil, potentially resulting in adverse bike damage.
• -Engineered to assault today's tracks and trails
• Equipped with a larger diameter aluminum canister, the FMF TurbineCore 2.1 Silencer offers enhanced tunability and a longer-lasting packing life.
• Offers a sharp, distinct sound.
• Pounds Lighter than stock.
• Crafted from premium aluminum and stainless steel, the TurbineCore 2.1 Silencer offers a complete construction.
• Designed to pair seamlessly with FMF pipes, and fits both FMF and OEM models.
• Built In-House at FMF state of the art manufacturing facility in the USA

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