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Boyesen Power Wing PW-22 Suzuki RM85 02-17

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The Boysen Power Wing works best on improving the air flow on Suzuki RM85 when using the stock carburetor and reed system.

The Boyesen Power Wing PW-22 is designed to help improve the air flow and increase velocity. While increasing air flow and decreasing turbulences jetting should not have to be changed, in most cases. The part number is PW-22  

Features of the Boyesen Power Wing for a Suzuki RM85:

  • Maximize airflow performance
  • Increases horsepower and torque in 2 Dirt Bikes
  • Aerodynamic design maximizes velocity generation and power gain
  • Wing channel minimizes turbulences at needle jet without affecting jetting curve
  • Precision fit assures perfect alignment and easy installation, on your Suzuki RM85

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