100% Accuri Sand Motocross Goggle Smoke Lense - Adult

  • $60.00

What Features make the 100% Accuri Sand Goggle a great off-road goggle?      

This 100% goggle is a enhanced version of the Accuri model that has been designed specifically for Sand/Desert and bright lite usage. 

Review the features of the 100% Accuri Sand Goggle:

  • Advanced closed-cell foam keeps dirt, dust and sand particles out of your eyes 
  • Uses a  dark smoke lens shields against UV/bright light 
  • Flexible urethane frame construction ensures comfort and strength 
  • The goggle uses a oversized 45mm silicone-coated this will holds your goggles in place
  • Three layer managing foam sweat and keeps you face sweat free
    One of the big ideas that 100% dose is that they use only one size replacement lens for all of the motocross adult goggle line (Racecraft, Accuri, and Strata).
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