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Pro Circuit Kawasaki Governor Spring KX85/KX100 02-13

  • $38.58

Pro Circuit has been working Kawasaki to creating more power from the KX85, KX100 as long as I can remember. 

Looking for harder acceleration on your KX85 02-13, this new governor spring allows the power valve to open at the correct time and will eliminate any dips in power. This will make a great improvement on bottom end power. 

Features of the Pro Circuit Governor Spring Kawasaki KX85, KX100:

  • The stock governor spring on the Kawasaki KX85/100 is too stiff, causing the valve to open too late, which results in a dip in the horsepower curve.
  • The New Governor Spring allows the valve to open at the Correct time
  • Pro Circuit KX85/KX100 Governor Spring eliminating the dip in the horsepower curve and resulting in increased bottom end power.
  • Pro Circuit's Billet Stainless Power Valve combined with the Pro Circuit Governor Spring provide a major improvement over the stock set up.

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