100% MX Accuri Junior Motocross Goggle Anti-Fog Mirror Lexan Lens - Youth

  • $45.00

When 100% designed the Accuri Junior, they started with a winning goggle the adult Accuri. That way the features are the same as the winning adult goggle.

100% Accuri MX goggle sets the standard for all other premium performance goggle to try to match, but yet priced lower that the completion. 100% uses the finest materials; this allows Accuri offer maximum performance with a superior field of vision. This allows you to think of silencing your completion.

  • The Accuri goggle has anti-fog and scratch-resistant Lexan® for superior vision
  • Flexible urethane frame design enhances fit with increased durability
  • Oversized 45mm wide silicon coated goggle strap reduce strap slipping 
  • Three layer managing foam sweat and keeps you face sweat free
  • Includes Mirror lens 

One of the big ideas that 100% dose is that they use only one size replacement lens for all of the motocross adult goggle line ( Accuri Jr. and Strata Jr.)..  

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